Empowering Communities, One Worm at a Time

Join us as we rewrite the story of poultry feed.  It's not just a feed; it's a revolution fueled by a tiny but mighty fly the BLACK SOLDIER FLY. Bird food produced in Africa, processed inclusively within the very communities where it's farmed. This isn't just about feed; it's about fostering local trade, empowering local communities, and igniting change.


Every QR code tells a story – a story of transformation in the community. Trace the narrative of change, and be a part of a movement that's not just feeding the world, but rewriting its future.


Processed inclusively within the very communities where it's farmed. This isn't just about feed; it's about fostering local trade, empowering locals, and igniting a spark of transformation.


We empower local farmers and communities to embrace a future that's both prosperous and resilient. Through our approach, we're not just producing feed; we're nurturing sustainable livelihoods and fostering a world where future generations can thrive.

Our  Back Story

Our names are Gilbert Keen Arigi and Zindzi Damianna Wekesa...Home for many is where the heart is;
We found ours in the heart of the poultry-loving communities in Western Kenya where poultry farming sustains livelihoods. We eat, think, and dream of chicken. As poultry farmers, we've experienced firsthand the rollercoaster of fluctuating feed prices, which constitute a staggering 80% of production costs. Our chickens aren't just livestock; they're dreams nurtured with dedication. So our journey to revolutionize the poultry value chain started where our hearts truly belong – home. In a world where producing meat comes at a high environmental cost, we offer a transformative alternative. Consider this: it takes between 2 to 7 kilograms of feed to produce just 1 kilogram of meat, driving deforestation and depleting vital resources. Through innovative practices, we're turning organic waste into nourishing poultry feed and treats. This holistic approach isn't limited by community, country, or region; it's about changing the landscape of nourishment on a global scale. Our solution, rooted in the extraordinary potential of insect protein, addresses this imbalance, offering a sustainable, planet-friendly protein source that's both efficient and eco-conscious.

Our Journey so far...

Our pioneering journey finds a home in Webuye, Bungoma County, in the heart of Western Kenya. Here, our pilot VETSAFE DUDU LAB has been set up – a testament to our commitment to Africa, its people, and the impact we aspire to create. We have proud. partners of Microsoft for Startups and are participating in the August 2023 Climate Launchpad world’s largest green business ideas competition.